About Psychology Houston, PC

Psychology Houston, PC is the leading center for Cognitive Behavioral Treatment in the Houston area.  All staff psychologists are trained and credentialed in the treatment of anxiety disorders, depression, body focused repetitive behaviors (hair pulling and skin picking), and other psychological difficulties experienced by children, adolescents, and adults. Dr. Suzanne Mouton-Odum,  the Founder and Director of Psychology Houston, PC is a strong advocate for evidence-based treatment, solution-focused therapy, and is involved in ongoing research. Psychology Houston, PC is located in central Houston just west of the Galleria, and offers psychological services to the entire Houston metropolitan area.

Why Choose Cognitive Behavioral Treatment?

When looking for assistance for yourself or your child, it is important to investigate the options available in your area. Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (CBT) is the standard of care for psychological problems because it is scientifically tested and proven to work. Although CBT interventions and techniques are scientifically grounded, they are used in a supportive therapeutic environment where the relationship between the therapist and the client is primary. Goals of treatment are typically to work with clients to change specific thoughts, feelings, and behaviors resulting in more adaptive coping and improved emotional well-being.

What Can I Expect at Psychology Houston, PC?

When approaching therapy or psychological evaluation, always expect to be treated with respect and compassion. Our psychologists are not only well trained, but also warm and friendly. Our staff give a personal touch that helps our clients to feel welcome and safe. We realize that the decision to seek therapy can be hard for some individuals, and at Psychology Houston, PC we are sensitive to these concerns and always seek to provide the best service in a nurturing environment.

Psychology Houston, PC is a HIPAA compliant practice where your privacy and confidentiality are both respected and protected.